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Using PeopleSoft with Kibana 101

Free Workshop

PeopleSoft and Kibana provide a powerful combination of technologies that allow institutions to further realise their investment in PeopleSoft. As part of the delivered PeopleSoft product, Oracle delivers functionality that allow for these two technologies to seamlessly integrate and add significant value to PeopleSoft end-users without leaving or navigating away from the PeopleSoft interface.

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Apart from Oracle delivered Kibana Dashboards that simply need to be “activated” (specifically for HCM and FSCM at this stage), PeopleSoft clients also have the option to create their own rich Visualisations and Dashboards that suit specific needs and requirements.

RuXSys will be presenting an online workshop to guide PeopleSoft clients through getting started with Kibana. This workshop is specifically aimed at existing PeopleSoft Analysts and Developers with PS Query knowledge and will guide users in a step-by-step manner to creating their first Kibana Visualisations and Dashboards.

Registration to this free workshop is required. Upon registration, attendees will receive all necessary details and information for joining and participating in the workshop, via email.